LA Noire – Star Map Achievement / Trophy Walkthrough – All 30 Landmarks – Part 2

This video shows 5 landmarks located in the Wilshire Division of LA Noire.

1. Fast Travel to 6th St and Alvarado St and head South.
3. Turnt right on Wilshire Blvd and head west ( MacArthur Park )
4. Continue west on Wilshire Blvd then turn right on Parkview St ( Park Plaza )
5. Turn Left on 6th and continue west until you get to Vermont, then turn left.
6. Take the Next Left on Wilshire and head east ( Bullocks Wilshire )
7. Continue east on Wilshire, then turn right on Hoover St.
8. Go south on Hoover until you pass 8th St. ( LA County Art Museum )
9. Take the next right on 9th St. then take the first left ( West Lake Tar Pits )